AIIMS Cut Off 2023


One of India's most esteemed medical institutions is the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination (NEET) is the primary criterion for admission to AIIMS. The minimal score an applicant must get in order to be considered for admission to AIIMS is known as the AIIMS cut off.


The number of applicants taking the test, its degree of difficulty, and the availability of seats are some of the variables that affect the AIIMS cut off. The number of qualifying applicants and the number of seats available will determine how high the cut off will be.


The 2023 AIIMS cutoff has not yet been made public. However, by examining the cut off for prior years, you may obtain a general notion of the anticipated cut off. The following table lists the categories for the 2022 AIIMS cut off:

Category Cut Off
General 720
ST – PwD 120
OBC/ SC – PwD 120


It is essential to remember that the AIIMS cutoff may vary. Following the conclusion of the counseling process, the ultimate cut off will be made public.


Influences on the AIIMS Cut Off


The AIIMS cut off is impacted by the following variables:


Number of applicants taking the test: The cut off will increase as more applicants take the exam.

test difficulty: If the test is challenging, the cut off will be greater.

Seat availability: The cutoff is also influenced by the amount of MBBS seats that are available at AIIMS.

How to Determine Your Chances at the AIIMS


By utilizing an AIIMS cut off calculator, you may determine your odds of being admitted to the school. You may find these calculators online.


You will need to input your NEET score, category, and the number of seats available for your selected course in order to utilize an AIIMS cut off calculator. The calculator will then inform you of your likelihood of admission.


Tips for Achieving High NEET Scores


Here are some suggestions to help you do well on the NEET test if you want to take it:


Early preparation is key.

Take practice exams often.

After each practice exam, evaluate your performance.

Decide where you need to improve, and then work on those areas.

Find a reliable study companion or join a group.

Maintain your drive and confidence.



When deciding whether to take the NEET test, the AIIMS cut off is a crucial criterion to take into account. You may improve your odds of being admitted to AIIMS by being aware of the variables that influence the cut off and how to assess your chances.


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Additional Details


AIIMS has a distinct cut off for PwD applicants in addition to the normal cut off. Due to the fact that it is created to take into account applicants with impairments, the PwD cut off is lower than the regular cut off.


Depending on the amount of qualifying applicants and the number of seats available, the AIIMS cut off may also vary. The cut off for 2023 might therefore be greater or lower than it was in prior years.


It is crucial to start studying early if you want to sit the NEET test and hope to get admitted to AIIMS. You'll have more time to study and a better chance of doing well on the test if you get started early.


Regularly taking practice exams can help you gauge your progress and pinpoint your areas of weakness. Finding your weak areas can help you concentrate your study there and increase your chances of doing well on the real test.


Finally, it's critical to maintain motivation and self-confidence. Although the NEET test is difficult, you may do well if you are prepared and determined.


I wish you well as you study for the NEET test and progress toward becoming a doctor.

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