CMC Vellore Cutoff: All the Information You Need


One of the most esteemed medical schools in India is Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore. It has ties to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University and is situated in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Admission to the 5-year MBBS program at CMC Vellore is determined by the student's NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination) score.


The minimal NEET score necessary for college admission is known as the CMC Vellore cutoff. For each category, there is a separate cutoff, which is also influenced by the number of seats available and the overall performance of the applicants.


The CMC Vellore Cut Off's past


Over time, the CMC Vellore cutoff has been continuously rising. The general category's cutoff score in 2013 was 551 points. The threshold was 625 marks in 2022. The popularity of CMC Vellore is growing, there are fewer seats available, and the NEET test is becoming more competitive, all of which contribute to this rise in demand.


Factors Affecting the Cutoff for CMC Vellore


The CMC Vellore cutoff is influenced by the following variables:


Because there are fewer seats available at CMC Vellore than at other colleges, the cutoff is greater than it would be for an institution with more seats.

The candidates' general performance: The NEET test applicants' total results have an impact on the cutoff as well. The cutoff will be higher if the average NEET score is higher.

The popularity of CMC Vellore: Since CMC Vellore is a fairly well-known medical school, there is fierce rivalry for available places. The high cutoff is also influenced by this.

How to Determine Your Chances in the CMC Vellore


You may use the following method to determine your odds of admission if you want to apply to CMC Vellore:


(Cutoff + 50) / Your NEET score

Your chances of admission, for instance, are 100% if your NEET result is 625 and the cutoff is also 625. However, your chances of admission are 0% if your NEET score is 624.


How to Improve Your Chances of Being Admitted to CMC Vellore


There are a few things you may take to improve your chances of admission to CMC Vellore:


Obtain the highest possible NEET test score.

Make sure your academic record is solid.

Participate in after-school activities.

Make your personal statement compelling.

Make yourself interview-ready.



Your prospects of being admitted to the college are significantly influenced by the CMC Vellore cutoff. You should do your best on the NEET test and be ready for the interview if you want to improve your chances of getting accepted. You may improve your chances of joining the CMC Vellore family by heeding these advice.


Additional Details


After the NEET results are declared, the CMC Vellore cutoff is made public.

The CMC Vellore website has the cutoff information.

The cutoff may also be found on the websites of other academic institutions.

current cuts


For CMC Vellore, these are the most current cutoffs:

Year Category Cutoff
2022 General 625
2021 General 610
2020 General 585
2019 General 570




A prominent medical school with a high cutoff is CMC Vellore. Start your preparation as early as possible if you want to study medicine at CMC Vellore. Aim for the highest possible NEET score. You may improve your chances of joining the CMC Vellore family by heeding these advice.


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