GRE 2024: Registration, Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Fees, and More

GRE 2024: Registration, Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Fees, and More

GRE i.e. Graduate Record Examinations is an aptitude test to access the essential eligibility to pursue Higher Education in Management, Law, and MS Programs in various courses. Around 94 countries, 1300+ Business Schools, and 100+ Law schools accept the GRE 2024 score worldwide. Students who apply for GRE 2024  will be eligible to take admission to different universities for MBA, PGDM, and MS programs based on the score obtained in the test.

Students can apply throughout the year as GRE 2024  is going on around the year 24 hours a day. Applicants must ascertain the syllabus and exam pattern before applying. The conducting body for GRE 2024  is ETS (Educational Testing Service). The ETS facilitates the online test and offline writing exams by the applicants and provides preparation materials, mock tests, and previous year question sets. ETS is the sole authority to draft syllabus, organize exams, and provide results to the candidate.    

Interested candidates can certainly find more information at the More than 7 lakh candidates appear for the GRE 2023  to get admission to the Top Business Schools, and MS in the US, the UK, and the top foreign universities worldwide and India. In the following article, candidates shall know the test pattern, GRE 2024  Syllabus, Application process, Registration fees, and more.



Exam Name

Graduate Record Examinations

Popular Name

GRE 2024 

GRE 2024  Conducting Body

ETS (Educational Testing Service)

GRE 2024  Official Website 

GRE 2024  Exam Mode

Online and Offline

GRE 2024  test language


GRE 2024  Registration Fee

Rs. 22,550

GRE 2024  test duration

2 hours

Chances for Re-attempts

5 times in a year (with a 21-day gap in each test)

GRE 2024 Test Formats

GRE 2024 conducting body which is ETS (Educational Testing Service) has been offering two different tests; one is a General Test and the other one is a Subject test to cope with the rapidly changing business analytics, and advanced data scenarios, and to assess the skill of a person equipped with managerial skills as per the latest market trends. Both test formats have dedicated syllabus and exam patterns, which are discussed in the following article. 

The application process is online and always available. Candidates are advised to cross-check the admission deadline of their desired Schools/Universities and then apply accordingly. As of now, the subject test is not available in India, however for the general test, candidates can certainly apply and start preparation to take on MS Courses in the most prestigious universities across the US, the UK, and other universities worldwide.

GRE 2024 Tests

Application Fee in INR

GRE General Test

Rs. 22,550

GRE Subject Test

Rs. 14,500

GRE 2024 Important dates

The GRE 2024 date has been announced which is April 7th-20th 2024. Candidates who want to participate in the GRE 2024 can follow the syllabus, pattern, and test dates accordingly. Applicants can find this article useful as it contains all the required information in the following page.

GRE 2024 Exam dates can be checked by simply visiting the official website of the ETS at if the candidate is willing to take the test online. The candidate needs to register online at the ETS website and then can choose between the test centers or test-at-home options and go through the available dates and schedule of all months' GRE 2024 test dates clearly stated there.

As there is no fixed date to appear for GRE 2024, candidates can fix the exam date as per the convenience and availability of the test slots. There is no defined number of attempts by the ETS so a candidate can attempt as many times as they wish. Only one thing to remember there should be a 21-day gap between two consecutive tests. 

It is advised that a candidate should book the test date at least 3 or 4 months in advance as per the availability and test preparation. A candidate can reappear after a gap of 21 calendar days. The GRE 2024 is so flexible that a candidate can book the test date even before 24 hours of the exam.

Upcoming GRE 2024 General Test 

April 7th-20th 2024

GRE 2024 Eligibility Criteria

There is no specific eligibility criteria have been assigned to appear for the GRE 2024 Exam but some basic educational qualifications have been mandated to participate in the GRE 2024 Exam. Everyone from across the world can participate in the exam as this is one of the best entrance tests to get admission to the Top Business Schools/Universities/MS Programs in the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, etc across the world.

It is advised to the candidates applying for the GRE 2024 Exam that they must be aware of the required qualification sought by the preferred choices of Business school/university of the candidate’s choice. The basic eligibility criteria have been mentioned below for a better understanding of the candidates.

Age Requirement

A candidate must have attained 15 years of age and there is no upper limit of age to appear for the GRE 2024 Exam.

Educational Qualification

The candidate who is a graduate or in the final year of graduation can apply for the GRE 2024 Exam or the candidate must meet the minimum GRE 2024 eligibility set by the chosen school/university. 


No Limits (Maximum 5 attempts in a year)

Required Documents

Candidate must have a valid Passport at the time of the GRE 2024 Exam

Work Experience

No Work Experience is required to appear in the GRE 2024 Exam

GRE 2024 Application Process

The GRE 2024 exam is conducted by ETS and facilitates to attempt the test in two ways. Candidates can register online at followed by filling in the basic details, and educational details, and choosing the country, city, and center (if chosen center) or GRE 2024 Exam at home version. Currently, only the GRE 2024 General Test is being conducted in India, so the GRE 2024 Subject Test is not allowed in the country. The registration process is explained below.

  • The next step is to select the mode of exam like ETS at Home or the test center version.

  • In the case of the test center, Candidates need to choose the Country, City, and Center.

  • The next step is to select the date and time (subject to the available slot) of the preferred city and center.

  • After selecting the date, time, and exam center, the candidates need to fill in the personal and academic details.

  • The last step is to pay the GRE 2024 Exam fees online through a Debit/Credit card and complete the registration.

GRE 2024 General Test at Home

  • The same process should be followed to register for the GRE 2024 General Test at home as from the center.

  • Candidates need to possess certain requisite equipment like a computer, a compatible browser, and an active internet connection to attempt the GRE 2024 home version.

  • For information to the candidates, The GRE 2024 - at home test is monitored by a human proctor online through ProctorU. This option is available around the clock, 7 days a week.

The best time to choose the date for GRE 2024 (General Test): 

The GRE 2024 General Test is an eligibility test that has been conducted throughout the world to take admission in the top business schools/Law universities/MS Programs in the US, the UK/Ireland, Canada, etc across the world and in India as well. It is quite necessary to book the test date as per the preferred admission schedule of the desired business school/university.

At first, the candidate should cross-check the application deadline of the preferred university/school from the official website of GRE 2024 and then book a slot according to the application deadline so that the score can be produced to enroll in the program of the desired business school/university.

GRE 2024 Exam Fees

Since GRE 2024 can be attempted from the authorized test centers and ease at home as well so, the test fee is different for both options. A candidate can appear in the test after proper application filling and remittance of the exam fee as well. Details of the GRE 2024 Exam fee are mentioned below.


Test Center

GRE 2024 Exam Fees - General Test

Rs. 22,550

GRE 2024 Subject Test

Rs. 14,500

Rescheduling Fee

Rs. 5,000

Test Center Change

Rs. 5,000

Subject Test Change

Rs. 5,000

Additional Score Report

Rs. 2,900

GRE 2024 Score Review

Rs. 5,900

GRE 2024 General Test Syllabus

ETS i.e. Educational Testing Service has a particular set of papers with a dedicated syllabus. Candidates must be aware that through the official website, they can access the syllabus of different papers they are going to appear in the GRE 2024 Exam. A detailed interpretation of the given syllabus is explained below

Quantitative Reasoning

The questions asked in this section are from problem-solving and data-sufficiency models. Problems are based on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis’s fundamental concepts. The objective of this section is to assess the logic skills not just normal calculations.

Verbal Reasoning

The questions asked in this section are based on reading comprehension and critical reasoning. The objective of this section is to assess the ability of comprehending the reading skills to make and evaluate arguments that can be implemented to solve a complex issue. Reading skills are also measured by the output ideas, inference, application, logical structure, and styles.

Analytical Writing

This section consists of a writing task. Candidates need to reflect on their writing skills based on the task given. It is expected from the candidate that they should produce their opinions, and interpretations, and give examples based on the task.

GRE 2024 Subject Test Syllabus

GRE 2024 allows two formats of tests which are the General test and the Subject test. The general test contains 3 sections which the syllabus has explained in the article. Besides, GRE 2024 Subject Test is also offered by ETS; the conducting authority of GRE 2024

This test is basically to assess the skills of the candidates looking for Undergraduate admission throughout the world in the top reputed Business schools/Law schools and other MS Programs in the countries worldwide. A detailed syllabus of the Subject test is mentioned below.

GRE 2024 Math Test Syllabus







Additional Topics


GRE 2024 Physics Test Syllabus

Classical Mechanics




Quantum Mechanics




Statistical Mechanics


Atomic Physics


Specialized Topics


Optics and Wave Phenomena


Special Relativity


Laboratory Methods


GRE 2024 Psychology Test Syllabus













GRE 2024 Exam Preparation Tips

The GRE 2024 Exam is not a hoax and the objective of getting an excellent score can be attained by implementing a strategy for regular practice with the help of the best resources, one can achieve a decent score and find admission to the top business school among 2400 Business Universities, top technology universities, top law colleges, worldwide. Here are a few preparation tips that can help applicants obtain a good score in the GRE 2024 Exam.

GRE 2024 Exam Pattern:   A candidate must be aware of the entire exam pattern of the GRE 2024 General Test. As already mentioned 3 sections need to be attempted in the exam, a candidate should go through the exam pattern and prepare accordingly within a definite time limit for each section. The exam pattern is very much discussed in the article in an elaborated way so, it benefits the candidates preparing for the GRE 2024 Exam.

GRE 2024 Syllabus: The syllabus of the GRE 2024 Exam is very crucial to be known to the candidates to prepare accordingly. There are 3 sections in the exam and all sections have a particular syllabus. Candidates must be aware of the syllabus available on the official website of Prepare step by step according to the given syllabus within a defined time limit and then judge the score by oneself.

Collect the Best Resources: There are several open-source study materials for the preparation of the GRE 2024 Exam. Besides that, a candidate can grab the study materials from the ETS official website itself. Along with this, there are many study centers where a candidate can seek guidance to equip most perfectly. Good resources can lead you to score high in the exam.

Time Management: Time management plays a very crucial role in the preparation of the GRE 2024 Exam. Candidates should attempt set practice and old questions as many as they can within a definite time limit. Try to complete the answers before the time limit, it will certainly boost your confidence and help to crack the exam most sufficiently.

Practice makes Perfect: An old idiom that says, “Practice makes a man perfect” is very much relevant to the preparation for the GRE 2024 Exam. Candidates should regularly practice the question papers to normalize the attempt and also to be aware of the exam pattern. Regular practice will help the students to find their strengths and weaknesses in their preparation and they can prepare accordingly after going through their score.

GRE 2024 Diagnostic Tests: these tests are designed as a clone of the real tests and reflect the same questions and patterns of the GRE 2024 General Test. It helps the candidates in such a way that they can evaluate their scores, find loopholes in their preparation, and also boost their morale if they score well. It is the most advised preparation tip for applicants who want to achieve in a short time.


GRE 2024 Exam Pattern

Candidates registering to participate in the GRE 2024 Exam must be aware of the exam pattern and overall syllabus. 3 different sections need to be attempted in 3 varied formats. Each section contains a set of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with specific numbers at large. Candidates are advised to be aware of the test pattern and syllabus before attempting the GRE 2024. The detailed GRE 2024 Exam Pattern is explained below for a better understanding.


Question Type

No. of Questions


Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Comparison

MCQs based on Calculus, Algebra, and Geometry

Numeric Entry questions


47 mins

Verbal Reasoning

Reading Comprehension

Text Completion

Sentence equivalence


41 mins

Analytical Writing

Analyze an issue- Writing Task


30 mins

Total Test Duration

1 hr 58 mins

GRE 2024 Subject Test Pattern

Currently there are 3 different subjects are being offered to enroll for GRE 2024 Subject Test which are Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology. Candidates need to select the correct answers among the provided MCQs. A detailed explanation of the GRE 2024 Subject tests is mentioned below.


Question type

Test Duration


66 MCQs

2 hrs 50 mins


70 MCQs

2 hrs


144 MCQs

2 hrs

GRE 2024 Result

The most asked question regarding the GRE 2024 Exam is “When does the result publish after appearing in the test?” as far as the result of the GRE 2024 is concerned, candidates can expect the GRE 2024 General test result is out on the ETS official website within 8-10 days. Candidates can simply log in to the account and then download the score. 

Candidates will also be notified through registered mail and can also have the score directly in their inbox. The GRE 2024 Score is valid for 5 years and can be used to get admission based on the score within that time frame.

Top Universities Accepting GRE 2024 Score

The GRE 2024 Score for the General Test is accepted and recognized by top universities across the world like the US, UK, Canada, etc. Here is a list of a few top Universities below.

USA Universities accepting GRE 2024 Score

University Name


Stanford University


Yale University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Columbia University

New York

New York University

New York

UK Universities accepting GRE 2024 Score

University of Cambridge


London School of Economics and Political Science


University College


Imperial College


University of Oxford


Canadian Universities accepting GRE 2024 Score

University of Calgary


University of Montreal


University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


Vancouver Island University


Australian Universities accepting GRE 2024 Score

The University of Queensland


The Australian National University


University of Melbourne


Manash University


University of Sydney


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When I can take GRE 2024?

Ans: The GRE 2024 Exam has been going on round the year and round the clock. A candidate registered for the exam can attempt it online through test centers or direct from home at the most convenient. At the time of registration, candidates need to choose the way they would likely attempt the GRE 2024 General Test.

  1. What is the registration fee for GRE 2024?

Ans: Applicant from India needs to pay Rs. 22,550 if they are attempting the GRE 2024 General Test from any of their chosen test centers across the country or from the comfort of their home, and in case if they are taking the GRE 2024 Subject Test they need to pay Rs. 14,500. Applicants have to register on the official ETS Website and they can pay the application fee through debit/credit card or bank transfer. All relevant details have been available on the website.

  1. What is a good GRE Score? 

Ans: The total marks for the GRE 2024 General Test is 340 of which 170 marks are for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning and the rest 140 marks are for Analytical Reasoning, which is a writing task. As far as a good score in GRE 2024 is concerned, 310+ score is considered good as most of the top GRE accepting Universities worldwide would offer admission on this score.

  1. Is the GRE Score valid for admission to IIMs?

Ans: Yes, the Indian Institute of Management, popularly known as IIM is certainly accepting GRE 2024 Score. As of now, 7 IIMs are accepting the GRE Score for 1 year MBA program in different specializations. They are

  • IIM Ahmedabad

  • IIM Bangalore

  • IIM Calcutta

  • IIM Indore

  • IIM Kozhikode

  • IIM Lucknow

  • IIM Shillong

  1.  What is the GRE 2024 Exam used for?

Ans: The Graduate Record Examinations is conducted by ETS i.e. Education Testing Services which assesses the reasoning ability of the candidates so that they can pursue MBA, PGDM, MS Finance, Data Analytics, and many such programs at the Master’s level. More than 2400 business schools and universities worldwide provide admission to the MBA program in more than 7000 courses based on the GRE 2024 Score.

  1. What is the age requirement for the GRE 2024 Exam?

Ans:  The minimum age required from the ETS to attempt the GRE 2024 is 18 years. However, below this defined age, any candidate lie between 13 to 17 years old needs to produce documents of their parent's approval. There is no upper age limit for this exam.

  1. How to crack the GRE 2024 General Test in a short time?

Ans:  There can be a defined way to crack the GRE 2024 General Test in a short time probably 5-6 months should be the time limit in which anybody with dedicated set practice, regular diagnostic tests, and regular question bank solutions can lead the way to crack this prestigious exam in a time limit. Candidate must be equipped with a strategy including syllabus knowledge and test pattern awareness. Moreover has been already discussed in the article above.

  1. Can I skip the question or is there any negative marking in the 

GRE 2024 Exam?

Ans: No, there are no negative markings in the GRE 2024 Exam. so it would be wise for the candidates if they attempt all questions rather than unattempted.


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